Holly Food menu prepared and designed as a healthiest tasty fusion street food. High quality ingredients, Halal meats, vegetarian, Vegan and local options, handcrafted dressing, daily fresh maid, ecofriendly behavior, compostable stuffs, fair price, and continuously improvement all considered too make you happy and 100% satisfied in our variable menu items as much as possible.

Holly Foods

HollyCorn items are our special offer in BC and Vancouver as a new yummy healthy street food. We Steam Organic corn and local mushroom, and then mix with high quality cheese and our homemade dressing and some more fresh flavors and spices. Depends on the size and variety, It could be a healthy snack or a full meal.

Holly Drinks

Colorful tasty juice and smoothie choices made up of fresh fruit and organic bases. Our Holly Love(Majoon) is the nutritionist yummy smoothie throughout BC! Check out the ingredients and try it on the weekend, satisfaction guaranteed! Our 20 oz. great refreshment made off fresh lemon, natural Canadian maple syrup, and natural spring water.

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