Why Customized Meals?

Everything we eat impacts our life in some way, but since there is an overwhelming amount of nutrition theories, diets, and recommendations on the market it can be challenging to know what and how to eat properly. Holly Food has come up with a solution. We take your lifestyle, nutritional needs, personal taste and budget into account and tailor a custom meal plan that will keep you happy. Then, Our dedicated team will do the shopping, prepping, cooking, and packaging of your customized meals and deliver them twice a week to assist you to achieve your goals faster and make you 100% satisfied.

Who needs?

  • If you want to eat fresh and healthy meals, but don’t have time to spend your evening shopping, washing, chopping, cooking, and cleaning, this is the meal plan for you.
  • If a nutritionist or a personal trainer has given you a customized meal plan we will prepare those customized meals for you as specified.
  • If you have allergies or sensitivities Holly Food will prepare your food according to your needs.
  • If you don’t like cooking and would like someone to prepare your favorite recipe with your favorite ingredients.
  • If you are on a weight loss journey we will prepare your food according to your nutritional needs.
  • If you are pregnant or have a newborn baby, our meal service will be great for you!
  • If you are a competitive athlete and need to follow a rigid diet we will prepare your foods so that you can go for that gold medal!
  • If you are a busy parent and need a bit more time with your family.

I have a meal plan

  • Our personal chefs will prepare your meal plan exactly as you desire!
  • A one-time $129 kitchen set-up fee (cost of extra hours for your shopping list, prepping, cooking, packaging and customizing) will be applied to your first bill.
  • Book your complimentary 20-minute consultation to get your quote for your meal plan, preparation, delivery cost and anything other details you may like to discuss.
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