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Ingredients: Chicken/Beef/soya, Hand Crafted Almond Dough, Bell pepper, Organic Spinach, Organic Egg, Cheddar cheese, Organic Avocado Puree. The regular size is two pcs.

Prep date: Sunday/Monday/Wednesday

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Eating pizza on the keto diet requires a little extra effort to minimize the carb count. Fortunately, keto almond pizza is a tasty option that can replace carb-heavy pizza so allowing you to enjoy pizza while still staying in ketosis.

Size Regular Large
Calories 699 1048
Protein 56 84
Carbs 14 21
Good Fat 47 70
Fiber 7 11
Sugar 3 5
Sodium 659 mg 988 mg
Cholesterol 213 mg 319 mg


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