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Ingredients: Fresh Local no Added Hormones Chicken breast (grilled or oven-roasted), Steamed seasonal vegetables, Yam/sweet potatoes, Extra Virgin Olive oil, black pepper, Himalayan Pink salt, Dried parsley, Turmeric, Fresh lime/lemon, Barbecue spices,…

Default: BBQ Chicken Breast
Prep date: Sunday/Wednesday

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Our Regular size serves with 100 grams of cooked chicken breast, 100 grams of yam/potatoes and 100 grams of vegetable.

How we prep & cook

It’s simple, tasty and the exact nutrients that professional athletes recommend! A great source of protein, good carbohydrates, fiber, …

Holly Food healthy marinated recipe makes the chicken breast extra juicy and flavorful, as well as the super ingredients such as turmeric, fresh onion, garlic, olive oil, fresh lime or apple cider, dried parsley/oregano, pink Himalayan salt and black pepper, enhance the nutrients and meal value. Did we mention our chicken breast is fresh and locally provided from BC farms?!

The cooking methodstime and temperature are the other 3 important factors to let us prepare your chicken tasty, healthy and juicy! We always make sure the internal temperature is 74 Celsius degree (165 F) too! The seasonal vegetables steamed in a short period of time and then we lightly add spices.

Cook with passion and serve with Love!

 Why this meal?

Our chicken breast is fresh and provided by local farmers in BC (Kent chicken). The seasonal vegetables washed and steamed to keep all the nutrients. You can feel the freshness and quality of ingredients. Our Quality is 100% guarantee.

Size Regular Large
Calories 453 680
Protein 38 56
Carbs 45 67
Good Fat 16 23
Fiber 8 12
Sugar 3 5
Sodium 731 mg 1096 mg
Cholesterol 70 mg 105 mg


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