Ingredients: Grain/legumes pasta, whole wheat pasta, Parsley, Vegan Cheddar cheese/ or regular, GF Pasta sauce, Mushroom, Organic corn, Roasted tomato, Olive oil, Spices: garlic, black pepper, Himalayan salt, apple cider, turmeric, oregano, dried parsley, Fresh lime/lemon

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Size Regular Large
Calories 410 615
Protein 23 35
Carbs 61 92
Good Fat 6 9
Fiber 18 27
Sugar 6 9
Sodium 281 mg 422 mg
Cholesterol 0 mg 0 mg


How we prep & cook

It’s a mix of non-GMO whole wheat and legume/grain pasta to complete your protein needs with all amino acids. We combine the pasta with roasted tomatoes, fresh parsley, and pasta sauce. more veggies add on top to make a great nutritious meal.

Cook with passion and serve with Love!



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