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Breakfast: Banana Muffin

Maple Syrup, pumpkin seeds, dried Cranberry, Banana, …

Lunch: Kale salad

Fresh Green Kale, Fresh Local no Added Hormones Chicken Breast, Organic Avocado Puree, Australian Brown Rice, Fresh Red Cabbage, Organic  Carrots, Natural Dried Cranberry, Onions, Organic Pumpkin Seeds, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Fresh Lime/Lemon

Dinner: Taco

Chicken/Beef/Tuna/Soya or BeensOrganic Avocado Puree, Parsley/Cilantro, Organic Black Beans, Organic Corn,  Fresh Salsa, Onions, Tomatoes, Cheddar Cheese, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Fresh Lime/Lemon



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