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Holly Food Menu
We cook food & serve love!

Holly food menu is for those who love to eat well, balanced and conveniently. We use nutritious, fresh, local and in-season produce for the best quality ingredients in our meals. We offered your daily highly customized healthy meals in different diets including Keto, Gluten-Free, vegan, etc. and delivered them to your door twice a week.

  • Truly fresh
  • Affordable
  • Energy level booster
  • Nutritious & healthy
  • Highly customized
Our Services

What we offer?

Holly food’s colourful and diversified choices have been delicately selected and designed to meet your expectations and needs. Whether you follow specific diets/goals or eat healthy customized nutritious meals,we can help you.
  • Bundle Meals
    Discounted popular meals
  • Various Dishes
    Vegan, Keto, Gluten-Free, Balanced Diet
  • Customized Plate
    Highly customized meal preparation
  • Other Services
    catering, Food Truck
Monthly plans

Your Health Your Wealth

Gift The Health!

Your Healthy
Personal Chef

You name it we cook it. We prepare highly customized meals according to your diet, lifestyle and goals.

Customized Meals?

We prepare fresh meals according to your lifestyle, palate, diet and health goals. Our dedicated Holly Food team will do the shopping, prepping, cooking, and packaging of your customized meals and deliver them to you twice a week.


What our clients say

Thank you guys for cooking my meals on my prep! Love your chicken!!!! All my clients love your food! Great service!

Yelena Yermolenko

As a licensed fitness professional and a competitor I highly recommend HollyFoods meal prepping services to individuals with all kinds of different health and fitness goals.

Oxana Bogdan

Holly Food has been such a great help in our busy lives. One less meal to think about in a day, and it's healthy! AMAZING!! We also tried their turkey dinner and it was moist and delicious! Thank you for being a company we can trust and depend on!

Shereene RY

I found this gem through one of my friends and I can barely say “Hollyfood” is a great option for healthy take-out. Many options to suit different dietary restrictions/preferences. They use high-quality and fresh ingredients, and the food always tastes good & portions are appropriate. I appreciate that most of their meals have the nutrition information on the label, so if you are a gym buddy, you know how much carbs , protein and fat you have in each portion, Plus the owner and also the staff are very kind and friendly. If you order regularly, enjoy their seasonal program and enjoy all different types of foods. They also prepare food for many gyms and fitness centers. I Highly recommend this place!

Karan Afshar

I truly appreciate the great service and food is also very delicious, healthy and convenient. I reached my goal very fast.

Arshin Masjoudi

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