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Ingredients: Fresh Local no Added Hormones chicken, Natural coconut milk, Cauliflower rice, Onion, Bell pepper, herbs, mushroom, Fresh parsley, Black pepper, Himalayan pink salt, Coconut oil, curry, …

Prep date: Monday/Wednesday

You can tell us more (allergy, concern) …


Here are Two health reasons to choose this food for your daily meal!
1. One study suggests that the consumption of curry ameliorates postprandial endothelial function in healthy male subjects and may be beneficial for improving cardiovascular health.
2. Getting a regular supply of protein is essential because your body doesn’t store it. Chicken breast makes the perfect platform for ingredients that turn this food into a rich source of protein.
It’s a great choice of the popular keto diet!

Our Regular size serves with 100 grams of cooked chicken breast.

Size Regular Large
Calories 620 930
Protein 39 59
Carbs 14 21
Good Fat 48 72
Fiber 4 6
Sugar 5 8
Sodium 581 mg 872 mg
Cholesterol 70 mg 105 mg


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