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Ingredients: Whole wheat/grain pasta, Lean ground beef, Fresh Parsley/cilantro, Onions, Tomatoes, Chef made marinara sauce, Cheddar cheese(side), Extra Virgin Olive oil, Spices: garlic, black pepper, Himalayan pink salt.

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Size Regular Large
Calories 800 1200
Protein 46 69
Carbs 77 116
Good Fat 34 51
Fiber 5 8
Sugar 6 9
Sodium 1210 mg 1815 mg
Cholesterol 122 mg 183 mg

Our Regular size serves with 100 grams of cooked meatballs and 150 cooked whole wheat pasta.

How we prep & cook

Non-GMO whole grain/wheat pasta combines with handcrafted extra lean beef meatball, tomatoes and parsley, and organic pasta sauce will serve as an aside.

Cook with passion and serve with Love!

Why this meal?

A great source of Fiber, protein and a good carb.


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