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Holly Food Popular Meals 

Select 5 all-time Popular Holly Food Meals for $13 per meal.

Ingredients: Fresh Green Kale, Fresh Local no Added Hormones Chicken Breast, Organic Avocado Puree, Australian Brown Rice, Fresh Red Cabbage, Organic  Carrots, Natural Dried Cranberry, Onions, Organic Pumpkin Seeds, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Fresh Lime/Lemon Spices: Garlic, Black Pepper, Himalayan Pink Salt, Apple Cider, Turmeric.
Ingredients: Chicken/Beef/soya, Hand Crafted Almond Dough, Bell pepper, Organic Spinach, Organic Egg, Cheddar cheese, Fresh Red cabbage, Organic Avocado Puree. The regular size is two pcs.
Ingredients: Fresh Atlantic Salmon(BAP-certified), Organic Spring mix salad/Coleslaw, Grapes tomatoes, Australian Brown rice, Extra Virgin Olive oil, Onions, Organic Maple Syrup, Flax seeds,  Garlic, Black pepper, Himalayan pink salt, apple cider, balsamic, Thyme, dried cilantro, fresh lime/lemon. Default salad: spring mix
Ingredients: Whole wheat/grain pasta, Lean ground beef, Fresh Parsley/cilantro, Onions, Tomatoes, Chef made marinara sauce, Cheddar cheese(side), Extra Virgin Olive oil, Spices: garlic, black pepper, Himalayan pink salt.
Ingredients:  Fresh Local no Added Hormones Chicken breast, Organic Avocado Puree, Organic Spinach, Roasted Potato, Cheddar cheese, Bell pepper, Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Spice: Black Pepper, Himalayan Pink Salt
Ingredients Fresh Local no Added Hormones Chicken breast, Organic Avocado Puree, Parsley/cilantro, Tomato, Cheddar cheese, Onion, Fresh Red Cabbage, Organic whole grain bread, Spices: Garlic, Black pepper, Himalayan pink salt.



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